Meet the InnKeepers

InnkeepersYour Innkeepers, Kimberly Thrush and Brian “Fox” Ellis love to travel and enjoy opening their home to guests, hosting house concerts and family gatherings.

For more than 20 years our annual trips to Bishop Hill were always a highlight of our summer. We have attended folk dances and music festivals a few times each season as long as we have lived in Illinois, so when the old Colony Hospital Bed and Breakfast came up for sale we jumped at the opportunity. We both feel that much of our life together has prepared us for this next adventure. Kim has deep Swedish roots and her family has been in Western Illinois since the earliest days of our statehood. Fox has been travelling the world for more than 30 years as a storyteller and historian staying in countless inns and guest houses from Santa Fe to Amsterdam.

Kimberly: I am a family therapist by training and experience, a mother of twin daughters, named after flowers, and cooking has always been one of my creative outlets. I have always enjoyed entertaining guests and getting to know other people from all walks of life. I have helped to organize and host events for my father’s restaurant. Whenever I travel I prefer the cozy home-like atmosphere of a bed and breakfast.

Fox: Because I travel full time as a storyteller, I have seen what makes a successful B & B tick. I have also made friends with several proprietors who are generously offering their expertise as our mentors. I have always been a fan of the balance between friendly warmth and privacy, cozy and luxurious, offered by a bed and breakfast. As an author, I look forward to hosting writer’s retreats. As a historian I love the rich stories that Bishop Hill has done a great job of preserving. As a performing artist, I am thrilled to be living in a community that celebrates the arts. You actually feel the layers of history and the rich creative traditions of the town as you stroll around. Inspiration and enchantment really do wait behind every door.

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