The Importance of a Healthy Breakfast

Why Breakfast is so Important

By Laurel Ellis

            We’ve all been lectured about eating breakfast, that it’s the most important meal of the day, but do you really know why? Food is what fuels our body, and eating a good breakfast gets your body ready for the day. It can help you lose weight because it boosts your metabolism. If you don’t eat breakfast then your body tries to hold onto your next meal for as long as possible. Eating a healthy breakfast can stop unneeded snacking throughout the rest of the day, and actually help you eat smaller portions without being hungry. Studies found that people who regularly eat breakfast are 30 percent more liking to keep off any weight that they’ve lost for 1-3 years. Everyone wants to look their best, who knew to help you get there you should eat another meal!

We’ve all heard that having a good breakfast can help you concentrate at work or at school, and it can help you have more physical endurance and strength, and boost your energy but did you know a healthy breakfast can help you have a lower cholesterol? Also, According to the American Heart Association eating a healthy breakfast reduces your risk of diabetes! Studies which followed folks for over a decade show that people who regularly eat breakfast reduced their chance of Type 2 Diabetes by about 30 percent. Another recent study showed that skipping even a single breakfast can cause insulin resistance for the next meal, which is a distinctive feature of Type 2 diabetes. Being able to prevent two medical issues that are prevalent in the United States, just by eating a delicious, healthy meal, sounds like a pretty fair deal!

            Everyone has seen those Snickers commercials with the tag line “You’re not yourself when you’re hungry.” Well it’s true! Eating a healthy breakfast in the morning can help improve your mood for the rest of the day, and reduce any irritability or even tiredness. Another benefit of eating breakfast is enhanced memory. In a recent study they found that college students who ate breakfast scored 22 percent higher on a word recall test than their peers who skipped breakfast. The key word here is “healthy.” A big greasy breakfast loaded with fat and calories from a fast food restaurant will not have the same benefits as a home cooked meal rich in fruits and fiber. Making smart choices about what you have for breakfast is key to being able to unlock all the breakfast benefits.

            Eating a delicious home cooked breakfast sounds like a great start to any day, and with all the benefits, who could refuse? Your body, mind, and taste buds will thank you for sitting down and enjoying yourself in the morning. Want to learn more? Check out the links below!


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